Михаил Наумович Эпштейн (mikhail_epstein) wrote,
Михаил Наумович Эпштейн

"Битва идей": видео

Появилoсь видео "Битвы идей" в Лондоне, публичных дебатов о главных проблемах современности. Данная сессия посвящена России (20.10.2013). Я говорю на 10, 22, 40 и 56 минутах.

Video from the session on Russia, "Battle of Ideas", a forumfor free thinking and discussion on most pressing issues of our time (London, Oct. 10, 2013).

Other speakers:

Lucy Ash foreign affairs correspondent, BBC

Mary Dejevsky colum
nist and former chief editorial writer, Independent; leading commentator on Russia, EU and US

Edward Lucas international editor, Economist; author, The New Cold War and Deception: spies, lies and how Russia dupes the West

Chair: Will Vernon producer, BBC Radio 4's World Tonight
Tags: journalists, politics, russia, video

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